Quality Assurance

High Impact Acid Solutions have implemented an effective and certified Quality Management System that our stakeholders and customers benefit from. Installing confidence, improved risk management and operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Points:

  •  ISO Quality Management aligned systems
  •  Continual operational improvement
  •  Effective risk management strategy
  •  Improved efficiency and reduction in costs

Environmental Impact

The Company’s diverse operations provide a range of environmental responsibilities which we are committed to managing appropriately. We manage environmental risks associated with our storage and handling of chemicals and disposal of waste materials. We are committed to managing these environmental risks in line with regulatory and legislative requirements in order to mitigate detrimental environmental impacts and protect our corporate reputation.

Key Points:

  • ISO Environment Management aligned systems
  • Fulfilment of Compliance Obligations
  • Achievement of Environmental Objectives
  • Sustainable Environmental Operations

Safety Record

High Impact Acid Solutions’ highest priority is to ensure the health and safety of all persons within our workplace including employees, contractors and visitors. We strive for a High Performance Safety Culture by empowering our people to adopt and demonstrate leading safety behaviours, providing visible and felt leadership at all levels of the organisation.

Key Points:

  •  ISO OHS aligned systems
  •  Zero lost time injury free for thousands of man hours
  •  Site Safety awards Platinum and Gold

Social Responsibility

We seek to support our social license to operate through active engagement with the communities in which we operate. This is managed through the Community Engagement teams and application of a formal Community Engagement Approach and a supporting operational standard. Investment in local employment and procurement is monitored and reported annually.

Key Points:

  • Work place diversity
  • Gender equality
  • Local engagement and procurement
  • Active charity and fundraising