Nyrstar Hobart
2018 Turnaround Project
Nyrstar Hobart – 2018 Turnaround Project2020-05-26T16:50:11+09:30

Project Description

Repairs to Acid plant stripping tower, repacking of ceramics, installation of new distributors and desludging and cleaning of acid storage tank.

Reason for Engagement

High Impact Acid Solutions are an Acid plant maintenance company that specialise in this work.

Scope of Work

  • Specialised vessel entry using fully encapsulated suits
  • Acid sludge neutralisation and disposal
  • Specialised welding
  • Vessel inspection services
  • Ceramic packing unloading and loading


  • Acid Plant Maintenance and Shutdowns
  • Internal Acid Vessel Inspection and Maintenance
  • Tank Desludging and Neutralisation
  • Specialised Welding and Mechanical Services
  • Ceramic and Terrapacking Loading and Unloading
  • Decontamination

Key Outcomes

Successfully completed project within scheduled time frame, Zero safety events, all work completed to meet quality standards.