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High Impact Solutions
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High Impact Solutions are a leading specialist service provider, with our core focus in civil and structural remediation, chemical protection and asset maintenance to the Resources, Energy and Infrastructure Industries.

At High Impact Solutions we bring together the right skills and knowledge to ensure our clients success, delivering innovations and new technologies to overcome complex challenges.

With intimate site and industry experience, our team is dedicated to deliver the best results safely, on time and within budget.

We provide cutting edge technologies, together with the industries best practice of applications and materials.

Repairing infrastructure that was previously deemed not possible with minimal down time and risk.

Evaluating each project individually to offer the best solution and longest service life for our client’s investment, measuring our success against their savings.

Key Services

Demolition Services

  • Robotic Demolition
  • Robotic Hydro Demolition
  • UHP Cold Cutting
  • Excavation, Trenching & Earth Moving
  • Hydro Demolition Lance
  • Thermal Lancing

Remediation Services

  • Concrete and Composite Repair
  • Concrete Crack Injection
  • Reinforcement Replacement
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Facade Restoration
  • Structural Grout Replacement
  • Environmental Earth Remediation
  • Protective Coatings Replacement
  • Joint Resealing
  • Mobile Blasting and Painting

Construction Services

  • Civil Construction
  • Earth Moving & Preparation
  • Precision Grouting
  • Abrasive Blasting and Painting
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Joint Sealing
  • Robotic Rock and Concrete Drilling

Chemical Protection Services

  • Acid Refractory – Bricks & Ceramics
  • Chemical Membranes
  • Ceramic Tiling
  • Heavy Duty flooring
  • High Build Coatings
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • HDPE Liners and membranes
  • Stack and Chimney Repairs

Blasting Services

  • Abrasive Blasting
  • UHP Water Blasting
  • Dry Ice Blasting

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